Every bit here resonates. This didn't make much news but Amplitude also bought Data-led Academy, a side-project of mine that had pretty decent traffic. They chose to my retain the brand but it's proven to be a pretty good investment for them.

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Hi Kyle - I like how you lay this out, especially the tips if you acquire, I hadn't seen that one elsewhere.

A friend sent this to me because it aligns with what we're doing at They Got Acquired: http://TheyGotAcquired.com/newsletter

This piece we ran yesterday looks at it from the other side, re: why, if you're building a media company, you should think about its potential as a strategic acquisition: https://theygotacquired.com/resources/content-companies-strategic-acquisitions/

We also just launched a report that explores comps for 25 media deals: https://theygotacquired.com/reports/content-companies-that-sold/

One you didn't mention that fits your thesis is CSS-Tricks sold to Digital Ocean (we were able to dig up that they sold for $4M): https://theygotacquired.com/content/css-tricks-acquired-by-digitalocean/


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Found a very interesting company that aims to help every SaaS company build a media arm: https://www.audienceplus.com/discover/why-every-company-is-becoming-a-media-company

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Patrick Campbell from Profitwell (now part of Paddle) gave a great talk on how Profitwell used a media centric approach to build Profitwell. Profitwell also collected a lot of data so it is not a pure media play, but one could argue that the Paddle acquisition of Profitwell was in part a media acquisition.

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Media-Led-Growth or Product-Led-Media?

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