Highest signal to noise ratio out of any newsletter out there. Always actionable insights for founders and their teams. Keep up the great work and here’s to another 5x growth year in 2023!

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Dec 14, 2022Liked by Kyle Poyar

Great summary of things to look at for review / improve / possible future projects. Some of them really resonate and have made a huge difference for us at BEE.

For example, we've leveraged templates big time for acquisition (the email and landing page template catalog is now one of the largest in the world: https://beefree.io/templates/) and have employed an ungated version of our visual builder from day one ("Start designing" button on the home page), which has helped us achieve an extremely high web-visit-to-signup ratio (~14%).

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Mar 29, 2023Liked by Kyle Poyar

Thanks for your great article!

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