I've hand some second hand experience with the fresh service team regarding their SSO/OpenID integration for the helpdesk product... Sales team made promises that weren't the lived reality and it has taken months to capture and accurately discuss the problems we were hitting (for a while we were caught in a loop of being pointed to multiple sets of documents that would suggest they could handle, in my opinion, basic sync/exchange with AWS Cognito but neither set hit the use case and product limitations made it impossible). It was a different team handling the integration so I wasn't involved in the meetings 100% of the time but following that experience this article greatly surprises me.

Congrats on their success, I hope other integrators were less frustrated.

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Thanks Kyle! Another great share. I see a lot of comparisons to this approach with our freight collaboration platform (think outreach/salesloft with the ability to interface directly with the customer, but for the freight forwarding customer experience).

While everyone is going after the larger players...we're mission-driven and focused on impacting this fractured, smaller forwarder/shipper base and actually making something they WANT to use. And can get started using, without talking to a sales rep. Optimized for inbound, self sign up, onboarding. And FUN, for a sleepy legacy niche.

Q - Kind of surprised didn't see much mention of customer success. Any insights you're able to share in that department? Was CS department ramped up in advance of the sales dept primarily? Curious what those two organizations look like within FreshWorks.


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