Thanks for sharing Kyle and Kate. This was super well written and interesting.

@Kate - I was curious how you reached out to users for user interviews. Is it only through paid platforms or did you reach out to random real users?

Any tips on how to create a cadance of 2-3 per week?


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Super interesting dossier into the “first mile” of a customer experience. Thanks for sharing 🙌🏼

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Thank you for the shout-out! ❤️

Building the Miro Activation experience was quite a journey.

I take 100% responsibility for tanking (gracefully) the “Robo-Collaboration” big bet.

Huge Kudos to Matheus Mello on cracking the Aha Moment.

The entire team is just awesome! 😎

Viktoria Kharlamova, Kate Lya, and Henrique Koller and others.

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Thank you for sharing the learning and insights, Kate and Kyle!

My team got really engaged with your post and we are using Miro intensively in our company. I would love to ask you a question and hear your thoughts:

We have a small company, 50 employees, and are running for 10+ years. We have a product onboarding set, using Mixpanel to track metrics and our team is keen on every product framework, and analysis. Still, we are struggling with finding the Aha moment and optimizing engagement for the first weeks.

I've reflected if we are over-optimizing things, while having a more fundamental issue in place, like Setup issues, that prevent users from getting to the Aha-moment.

What are your thoughts on this?

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