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Welcome to The Gist by Growth Unhinged, real-world growth tactics you can actually use.

The Gist is my attempt to get to the point — highlighting concrete ways to grow faster 🚀 and do more with less 🤑. It’s a break from my regular long-form newsletter, delivered during Growth Unhinged off-weeks.

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May 8, 2024: Fake accounts

Up to half of your free trial signups may actually be fake accounts. They distract your sales team, deflate your conversion metrics, and inflate hosting costs. And you can fix it without adding friction for your real users.

Jan 17, 2024: Asking about willingness-to-pay

Ask your customers about willingness-to-pay in order to spot hidden opportunities to optimize pricing and increase ACV.

Jan 3, 2024: Better email

Revisit your automated email program to improve activation, conversion and retention — with no incremental CAC.

May 3, 2023: Value prop

“Time savings” may be a benefit of your product. In fact, it probably is. But it shouldn’t be your central value proposition. You need to connect your value prop to the customer’s actual priorities and hard ROI business outcomes.

Mar 29, 2023: Stopping churn

Churn isn’t just a Customer Success (CS) problem. It’s a business problem – and every team has a role to play. 

Feb 8, 2023: New pricing GTM plans

Develop a go-to-market (GTM) plan when launching new plans – and free plans in particular – to maximize your chance of success.

Jan 25, 2023: Growth business cases

Prepare a well thought-out business case for product growth experiments, and come back to those business cases before, during and after your experiments.

Jan 11, 2023: Smart trials

Consider a smart trial - pairing smart automation with a human sales touch — to drive free-to-paid conversion at scale.

Dec 21, 2022: In-product experiments

These four simple (and quick) in-product experiments could increase your free-to-paid conversion by 50% or more.

Dec 7, 2022: A simple way to boost conversion

The gist: Add a usage paywall to your free and/or entry-level paid plans.

Nov 23, 2022: Interactive demos

The gist: Introduce an on-demand interactive product demo to turn high-value website visitors into customers.